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it is going to be hot there. and this is now dangerous. for outdoor activities. keep anytime mind. skip the run and dog walking today. you're just going to have to be inside in the air-conditioning. we are expecting temperatures to push to near 100 this afternoon and could even tie a record. now to kim with traffic. >> good morning ava and everyone. things looking very nice for your friday commute so far. no problems at all. looks like we are up to speedt 95 to the beltway. the outer loop west side checking in fine at 11 minutes. 11 minutes on 95 southbound between the beltway as you head towards d.c. in the southwest corner. a look at the 50 at ocean city drawbridge. you can see looks fine there. looks like it's going to be a
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good weekend to head to the beach and cool off. the inner and outer loops at huddy hill are running fine. >> our big story this morning, an arrest in the shooting of a bat more city police officer. >> police say a trip helped track down 20-year-old shane jordan who police say shot and injured the officer. details on the suspect. >> we told him to keep his eyes open. his eyes was rolling in the back of his head. >> moments after a baltimore ploifer was shot, he kept him company. >> why did you decide to go help him? >> he was by himself. >> the unidentified police officer was shot while responding to a domestic dispute around 11:30 tuesday night. >> neighbors say this house made that call.
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>> while the officer was settling the domestic dispute he was shot by this assault rifle. >> even with the vanced ballistic capability, it would have been a challenge to stop those rounds. it's a miracle that our officer was not more seriously injured or someone else in that block. >> the five-year police veteran was treated and released and is expected to be ok. 20-year-old shea jordan was in a car with a scope and rifle and jordan has since been charged with attempted murderer and other charges. >> that scares me and i'm glad he's off the street for the safety of my children and others. >> they say he had a strong
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dislike for the department. >> there's no indication he knew personally or ever had any personal dealings with the officer he shot at, but he had some large an mouse toward the baltimore police department. >> now the suspect may have a military background including possible tours overseas, but police are working to confirm this. at police headquarters, sheldon, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a local labor union announces its upcoming picks and most weren't surprised. the alf cy is endorsing. they had the recommendation of two panels. >> in east baltimore supporting the rolingsrolings campaign as well. they say rolings blake has the
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courage and conviction to november city in the right direction. and mayor stephanie rawlings said -- >> we are using our resources to bring jobs and make our neighborhood safer and stronger for our families and for our future. >> earlier this week the mayor released a plan to reduce the property tax rate by 9% in nine years. some of her competitors say it's not enough. >> meanwhile governor martin o'malley will throw his support behind the same-sex marriage. after looking at how new york state approved its law includes protections for religious freedom. it passed the maryland senate earlier this year but did not make it through the house of delegates. >> could an end game be near on the debt limit?
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with 11 days to go before a critical deadline, there's word on a new deal in the works. >> jen, today is the day the white house set originally said it wanted to reach a deal and now they are trying to resurrect some type of agreement another debt deal? president obama and john boehner secretly working on an end game, a package worth nearly $3 trillion in spending cuts and a new tax code. the president pushing for something big and meaningfull. >> it's a matter of making sure we can achieve something for the american people and the only way to do that so get something in the works for the white house to sign. >> i'll keep the contents of my discussions with the president between the president and myself. >> house speaker john boehner equally emphatic saying to rush
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limbaugh there's no deal publicly or privately. >> i want everyone to hear my voice to understand that time is of the essence. we are running out of time. >> but with the clock ticking toward the default deadline on august 2, congressional democrats still weren't sold on the latest stand saying there's too many concessions made to medicare and social security. >> we must make cuts but we must not do it in a way that harms economic growth. >> president obama will hold a town hall meeting at the university of maryland to make a stand for his debt deal. >> as nicole mentioned, the president will hold that meeting today at the university of maryland college park set for 11:00 in the richie coliseum and tim tooten will be there. we'll have coverage at 5:00
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p.m. and 6:00 p.m. >> well, a possible end to the lockout could cop today if the nfl owners approve a tentative agreement. the baa is now in the players' hands. if the players sign off on the deal. there will be a collective bargaining deal in place and the new season would start on wednesday. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. are you opt misk the nfl lockout will end before the start of the season? send your email to >> if it ends today, voluntary practice tomorrow. >> i know you're excited. >> yes. it's great! all fans are excited! case closed? not likely. why police are looking at new suspects in the attack on a baseball fan. >> and extreme temperatures.
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>> and right now you're taking a life look at the betway. many of you dragging yourself to work this morning. kim will fill us in on any kim will fill us in on any details on delays to i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. the time is 5:15. and it is 90 degrees outside at the inner harbor. that is the morning temperature. it is unbelievably steamy across the state. people without air-conditioning, it's unbelievably unbearable right now. hopefully you have air-conditioning and it's working today. because these are the records we're shooting for. up to 100 degrees at the airport. that's ok. but today record 101 set back in 1957, we must just tie that. how hot it's going to get and how hot its been across the country and when this heatwave will end.
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that's minutes away in the forecast. >> covering the nation this morning an update on the investigation of the attack on a san francisco giants fan at dodgers stadium. two new suspects are now in custody and it appears the original suspect giovanni ramirez may be exonerated. new evidence of his innocence. giants fan was almost fatally beaten outside dodgers stadium and remains in serious condition after suffering brain damage. and a south erin california woman accused of torturing her husband will be arraignedses on charges. becker allegedly cass straighted her husband. her husband had filed for divorce in may. she could face the rest of her life in prison if she's convicted. >> well, it appears heat stroke isn't the only thing you need to worry about in temperatures. higher the temperatures the higher theft of air
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conditioners. a lot of it has to the with the way homeowners are installing them. >> desperate times call for desperate measures. >> no kidding. >> coming up this morning in "consumer alert" why you may no longer be able to keep your ticket master tickets. >> and why shoppers this christmas season are expected to be more prepared than ever.
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>> good morning. kim dacey looking at your morning commute and looking very nice so far. no problems or delays to report so far. 58 at 795 at the area of cocky's mills. live drive time. shows the same story. eight minutes on 95 northbound between the beltaway to the fort mchenry. we are looking good all the way around. 50 at the ocean city drawbridge. at the beach looks like it's open and a good weekend to head to the beach and cool off. you can see the inner and outer loops looking fine. we are delay-free. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now to kurt kroncke with the m.t.a. good morning, kurt. >> good morning, kim. we have a delay northbound on
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the light rail. metro subway on schedule. the 16 bus diverting at baltimore and hilton. the 3 bus is operating with a delay. on the mark trains, on-time service. no delays on the pen cam done or brunswick lines. i'm kurt kroncke. now back to ava marie. >> good morning ava. >> thank you kurt and good morning everyone. a steamy start to the day. it's unbelievably warm out and it's the middle of the night or at least early in the morning. humidity up to 86% and 90 degrees at the inner harbor so we're going to be shooting for 100 this afternoon. here's a look at how many people were under the triple digit heat across the nation. texas to kansas city and
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eastern pennsylvania and even here we were at officially 103 degrees. that was at the inner harbor and 100 at the airport. temperatures across the state. 82 frederick, westminster and warmer than that as you get near the inner harbor at 90 and la plata at 78. we're going to continue to warm up. this large bubble of heat shifting to the southern part of the nation. this front that's already brought relief to the northern plains, 63 towards rapid city. 73 in minneapolis st. paul and in the 80's and 90's across the southeast. so a large area of heat will continue to make its way into the east. this next front is stalling out across the great lakes. so it's not going to bring us relief just yet. we're going to look for another push of cool air out of canada
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before our temperatures can come dackboun. so today still expecting dangerous heat with the temperatures up near 100 and dew point in the 70's. we're expecting the heat index to be as high as 115 this afternoon. an isolated thundershower maybe late in the day. but most of the areas hazy, sunshine and a couple areas could get up to 104. the record is 101 and tomorrow no better. 99. sunday still looks humid and may be scattered storms late any day but monday is getting us through the seven-day as temperatures are finally back to normal. >> in this morning's "consumer alert" the days of paper concert tickets may be nubbed. ticket master is looking to
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phase them out completely to see a way to stop scalpers from buying hundreds of tickets. but it would also make it harder for you to sell your tickets or give them away. >> as 11 news reporter chris clackum reports something retailers may see is a more savvy shopper armed with the latest in technology. >> turns out this year's back to school shopping won't be at levels in year's past. >> this year the theme is you can spend but really spend only what you need. >> this climate of cautious spending is giving rise to a more savvy shopper. specifically one with a mobile device like a smartphone. >> phones are more powerful. applications are more powerful. they are easy to use and so consumers are getting more
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utility out of them. >> new research showing retailers and manufacturers are under the gun to make major changes in advertising and marketing plans like ziering in on consumers that use a bar code app inside a store. >> if you bar code an item on your list a store may say if you buy a complimentary item we'll send you a coupon for 10% off. >> there are a lot of different ways to get customer's attention so mobile is the next frontier for our industry. >> because it's already the next frontier for the consumer. >> chris clack custom, wbal-tv 11 news. >> well google plus is taking off and the bloomberg business report. tgif, jane. how are you? >> happy friday to you, too.
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always good on a friday. no matter what else is going on. sources tell us apple is considering making a bid for hu will you, the online video service. if so a subscription service could pose a challenge to netflix. so far no comment by anyone when contacted by bloomberg. but facebook's gaming site is gaining traction. so far it has 20 million visitors. google hasn't even officially rolled out this service yet. right now it's just by invitation meanwhile the justice department is preparing subpoenas as part of an investigation into news corp. involving bribery and hacking into the voicemails of september 11 victims. boy, we were sizzling yesterday with european officials announcing a plan to give more
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aid to grief. you can thank the crazy hot weather because drinks make up profits. making hamburgers less profitable. i'm jane king, bloomberg news reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> see you back here at 6:15 for your next report. >> the time right now 5:22 and a steamy 83 degrees on tv hill. reaves fans boosting up enthusiasm especially among women and children. >> and don't forget to email your answer to our water cooler question of the day. are you optimistic the nfl lockout will end before the beginning of the scheduled regular season? send us your response to
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>> well, while the end of the nfl lockout is now within arms reach, the baltimore ravens are hopinging to jump start enthusiasm that are geared towards women and children. >> the first is bringing back movie night and the second is a cheerleading camp for kids. female ravens fans looking for a night out are invited to m & t stadium for the second annual lady's night and the "blind side" drew a crowd of 1,200. >> come enjoy ladies night out with cocktails and we'll give out collectible items again. >> tickets are only $6. you can see the movie dilemma. >> we'll violent locker room
5:26 am
open with coaches running drills. >> for the younger fans, megan and sarah are two of the baltimore cheerleaders running a weeklong cheerleading camp. >> the cost of the camp is $225 for the week. but if you want them to perform in a pre-season game with the cheerleaders and parents do get a ticket with that, it's an extra $100. >> we're going to learn the basic from motions to jumps and everything they need to know to be a ravens cheerleader. >> the camps are from -- to 9:30 and we are going to do their hair and makeup and get them ready. >> camp registration ends on monday and even though a week with the cheerleaders sounds tempting, dads cannot sign up. >> no. >> to find out how to register
5:27 am
for camp and get tickets for movie night, log on to our website at wbal-tv 11 news. >> a lot of fun. >> yes. >> the time right now is 5:27. 3 degrees on tv hill. the heat goes from uncomfortable to down right dangerous. the folks living without air-conditioning. >> and what police say may have motivated a 20-year-old suspect to shoot a police officer. >> and all states had temperatures above average. here it's going to get worse. that's coming up in the forecast. >> and weaver still to looking at a very good friday morning commute. commute. a look a
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the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off per gallon. the more you spend, the more you save.
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i'm saving money at the store, i'm saving money at the pump, and that works for me. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti here for mindy basara. thank you for joining us.
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well, the heat is really starting to tire everyone out. >> but we have to be patient. we have a couple more days of it unfortunately. and it is just going to get hotter today if that's possible. the high temperature was 103 at the inner harbor. with the humidity it felt up to 110. 82 right now at the airport. around 76% humidity. here's where we're heading. up to 98 to 104 degrees. at the errant more like 101. may just tie a record. we'll talk more about that. >> can't wait for that. >> i have better news. we have a very nice friday commute on our hands. so far no problems at 5:30. we'll give you a live look at some of our drive times. eight minutes on the inner loop on the northwest corner.
5:31 am
four nine minutes between 95 and the south side at the harbor tunnel. our speed censors show the same story. 61 along the top side and 6595 from the southwest corner. a live look outside at 95 in the area of white marsh and you can see both directions moving just fine. no problems to report. the inner and outer loops of the beltway moving fine. >> our big story this morning police say thanks far tip from the community. >> 20-year-old shea jordan faces attempted murder and weapons charges this morning. police aren't quite sure about a motive but they do know the suspect was upset with police. >> told him to keep his eyes open. his eyes was rolling in the
5:32 am
back of his head. >> moments after a baltimore city police officer was shot, 15-year-old anthony kept him company until help arrived. >> why did you go talk to him? >> because he was by himself. nobody was going over to him. >> the police officer was shot while responding to a domestic dispute. neighbors say this house made that call. >> i don't know anything that happened. >> you don't know who called for help? >> no, i don't. >> police say he was shot with an assault rifle similar to this one. >> there was a big hole here and there was a big welt right here. >> even with the advanced ballistic capeibility of our soft body armor, it would have been a challenge to stop those rounds. it's a miracle that our officer was not more seriously injured or someone else on that block. >> the five-year veteran was treated and released and is
5:33 am
expected to be ok. >> tips led police to 20-year-old shea. he was found in a car with a scope to a rifle and guns were found at his home. >> that scares me, and i'm glad he's off the street for the safety of my children and everybody in the neighborhood. >> although -- police say he had a strong dislike for the department. >> there's no indication he knew personally or ever had any personal dealings with the officer he was shooting at, but he had some large an mouse toward the baltimore police department. >> now the suspect may have a military background including possible tours overseas. reporting at downtown baltimore at police headquarters, sheldon, wbal-tv 11 news. >> well, it's back to square one for prosecuters in the 2004
5:34 am
deaths of three children. the three men accused of the crime will head back to court for the third time. two others are serving life. the first round ended in a hung jury. the men were convicted in a second trial but the verdict was overturned. gregg bernstein said that decision was based on the judge's error not the evidence, so he wants to try the case again. >> police are still trying to figure out whether the shooting death of a student athlete was an accident. a gun went off inside a home in the brooklyn housing projects. he and two overs were handling the gun when it fired. his family, friends and coaches remembered the basketball player who was expected to have a bright future. >> he was so concerned about everyone else. always.
5:35 am
you ok? how are you doing? you know? if anything was going on, if you weren't feeling well, he would come see you. >> he was an all-around nice guy. made hon roll three out of four quarters. our season will be dedicated to marcus. >> marcus was supposed to be in miami today playing in the national aau basketball tournament. the south baltimore high school student was being recruited by both mcdaniel and goucher colleges and baltimore community college. meanwhile friends and family will say goodbye to the music teacher killed earlier this week when a stolen car crashed into his van. visitors are welcome tonight at the march fufrpble home west and saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. at the transformation church of apologies slust christ. funeral services will follow. >> earlier this week the i've team told you about those
5:36 am
so-called bath salts being used as drugs. now sin net i can bath salts could be added to the list of dangerous substances. the poison control center is acquire of 22 poisonings and one death due to the use of them. >> as ava's been explaining all morning long, if you think yesterday was hot, the worst is yet to come. local officials are giving those without air-conditioning specific instructions. 11 news reporter ky reed explains. >> treating a man overcome by high temperatures. just one example with the heat index approaching 100, ambulances have been dropping off people with heat-related illnesses at emergency rooms. >> emergency room physician michael a allen says they've
5:37 am
seen an influx of patients. and >> people are coming in with high temperatures. they are needing a lot of intensive care and nursing support and definitely utilizing our i. crpt u.'s and critical care areas. >> we found volunteers working with the community emergency response team going door-to-door, checking on seniors, making sure they are ok. >> we're just walking around checking on the seniors to make sure they are all right and see if they need anything. >> only a few 100 customers don't have power and they've beefed up crews as a precaution. >> we have resources available to restore power if we should receive any heat-related advocates. >> drinking plenty of water is
5:38 am
very important when it's this hot out. for a list of area cooling centers, go to our website at reporting in baltimore county, ki reid. >> if you do need a place to cool down, we'll show you where to go. our map on our site shows area cooling centers. >> 5:38. 83 degrees on tv hill. this morning's "medical alert" is all about the animals. why researches are looking to dolphins for human healing. >> and how a yellow lab is keeping his owner safe each and every day. >> and our water cooler question of the day, are you optimistic that the nfl lockout will end before it cuts into the regular season? you can share your response at or at or on our facebook page. >> we'll give you a live look outside coming up in traffic.
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. the time now is 5:41. it is 90 degrees. at the harbor. i can't believe that is the morning temperature i've never seen a temperature in the morning that high. i'm from colorado. there is relief on the way. as you look at the map in the northern plains, 80's across the southeast. relief on the way. i'll be talking about when that will arrive in my full forecast. >> in this morning's "medical
5:42 am
alert" a dog is credited for saveing a boy's life each and every day because the man suffers from a peanut allergy and his dog can sniff out those items. jeff's allergy is so severe that even casual contact with peanut resident due can be fatal. >> he saved me from reactions so many times. he's a real lifesaver. it's amazing. i'm able to go to movies. i can bring him to sleep overs and parties and have him search the food and actually have birthday cake at birthday parties and that kind of stuff. >> he was a rescue dog and now this dog that someone else abandoned is giving jeff new life. >> love it. well, researchers at the medical center are looking to dolphins for human healing. dolphins are able to recover from shark bites without any infection or outward sign of pain.
5:43 am
researchers think their bulber contains eabt deny anti-by outic -- antibiotic qualities. >> and keith mills with 11 ports will have more on the effort to end the nfl lockout. >> and a camp reaching out to special kids who need extra encouragement.
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have our first incident just into us. a gelling fire there. one area you might want to avoid at least for the time being. but the major road waste checking out ok. in the area of cockies middle
5:46 am
toward beltway. 62 to the j.f.x. heading south into the city. a live look outside in the area of 95 and white marsh. southbound traffic coming towards us and up to speed as far as speeds go in the northwest and northeast corner of the beltway. switching to the top side of the beltway, the inner and outer loops are moving just fine as well. no problems to report. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now for a final check of the buses and trains we head to kurt kroncke and the m.t.a. >> the gelling part you mentioned is affecting the six bus diverting at baltimore and himening. -- hilton. the three bus operating with a delay. light rail northbound has imminent delay. on the mark train no delays. i'm kurt kroncke. back to ava marie. good morning.
5:47 am
>> good morning kurt. and boy is it hot out there. we're starting to get did hearous from this heat. across the state 90 degrees. that's the hot spot at the inner harbor and 82 chestertown. 81 easton and towards cyst field, 80. toward the western mountains, those are the places to be. 73 in oakland but the entire eastern part of the nation boiling in this high heat. yesterday was pretty impressive. 18 states above the 100-degree mark from dallas to kansas city, southern illinois, from d.c., baltimore towards up state new york, buffalo. 100 degrees for their high temperature. unbelievably hot across the east. this is the heat we have that came from the midwest and some areas are starting to feel relief across the plains but
5:48 am
the cool air is being held off in the great lakes. a stationary front so anywhere south of that you are going to be feeling the heat, so that includes us. how hot will we get this afternoon? hotter than yesterday. we're expecting upper 90's to low 100's. 101 is forecasted at b.w.i. with the humidity, the heat index could be up near 110-115 at times. take it easy if you plan to be out. stay in the shade. if anyone gets a bit of rain, that will be the only relief. upper 90's through today and into tomorrow. but by sunday it starts to cool down with a chance of thunderstorms. the forecast looks toasty. sunday slightly better. we finally, finally get back to
5:49 am
where we should be starting next week. >> ava, thank you. cokesing autistic kids to take part in the world around them can be challenging. >> over a decade ago armed with a law degree, surfing enthusiast natalie pepper took a different turn in life. she decided to work with special needs kids full-time. now her passion for working with kids that suffer from autism is her life. >> i know how i feel when i surf and seeing how it affects them in a -- in the same way. >> the meaning behind the camp's name? >> there's an autism spectrum. so you have those kids that
5:50 am
have more difficulties with social situations and some children, some individuals who are non-verbal. they are really in their own space. >> the experience for the campers and even the junior counselors is invigorating. >> some of this includes. >> feeling the spray of the ocean against your face. the smell of the salt water and the exhilaration as you're traveling fast along that wave. >> for some instructors it's about helping them connect with nature. >> i'm always struck with how the kids can stay in the water. sometimes i'm starting to get cold and they are still out there and so thrilled. >> we're so focused on a routine. but the particular kids in the spectrum, it helps if you can just slow down a little bit and put yourself in an environment where you're just presented.
5:51 am
>> for all involved in the camp, a day at the beach has never been more graphing. >> i can see in some of the children they are hooked and they will be hooked for life. >> that's pretty cool. >> ahh, brings back memories of hanging 10 at jones falls. >> ha. >> coming up we're going to take a look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> and here's a look at your last night's maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning, everybody. the nfl lockout goes on. the owners voted 31-0 to agree to a new deal last night. the players delayed a vote until they had a chance to see the final terms of the contract. they have since seen those terms and are expected to vote on the deal today. one player reportedly quoted saying despite the games played by the nfl, the games are much more optimistic. he referred to a press conference held by roger goodell saying the contract -- here's roger goodell saying it was just a matter of time
5:55 am
before the lockout was lifted. >> i think we've crafted a long-term agreement that can be good for the game of football, be good for the players, be good for the clubs and most importantly, good for our game and for our fans. we really are anxious to get back to football. and hopefully with today's development and the developments of the nfl pais over the next few days will ensure that. >> players set to vote today. looks pretty good for the lockout to be lifted. orioles resume their season at home against the angels coming in on the heels of a 1-0 win over the rangers. here's how it went. andy chavez can't make the play. 1-0. that lead held up. jered weaver -- unfortunately they won't see jered weaver. the angels take 2-3 from the
5:56 am
rangers. a lot of emails after the roger goodell press conference with players thinking they got backed into a corner, but they had yet to see the final contract and have since seen it and looks like today they will ratify it. >> so it's going to be a 10-year deal. >> but blah, blah, blah they could be in tomorrow? >> yes. ravens camp could be open if the deal is ratified. >> keeping purple friday alive by the way. >> this morning we asked are you optimistic the nfl lockout will end before it affects the regular season? >> on our facebook page she writes i won tickets i bid on and i hope i get to go. >> keep sending us those responses. we will post all of them on the front page of our website at coming up, defense secretary
5:57 am
leon panetta takes a stand on the don't ask, don't tell policy. >> two women rob a liquor store by stuffing the bottles down their shirts. >> and calling all superhero fans. a look at the annual comic convention in san diego. it's 6 -- at 6:39. >> today 101. we'll be getting close to the record. i'll be talking about if we could get close or tie the record coming up in my forecast. >> we'll check traffic coming you mean. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale,
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with flights all over the country starting at only $59. as the nation's largest domestic airline, we have a flight that fits your budget anywhere southwest flies. but the sale can't last forever, so you need to hurry and use this to go to and book your flight before it's too late. because with $59 fares they are going to go fast. book your $59 southwest getaway only at [ ding ]
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>> baltimore city police make an arrest in the shooting of

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